UMT Dongle Setup 2023: UltimateMTK v0.1 (NEW SETUP)

Download UMT Dongle Setup UltimateMTK v5.0 Latest Version 2021. This setup of UMT Dongle Setup is this update for both UMT and UMTPro. It is the best update tool for Mediatek phones. It supports all the components of Mediatek so that it can easily be flashing, unlocking and FRP unlock. and has also been given to repair IMEI. This is a very simple tool that you can work with one click 

UltimateMTK v0.1 NEW SETUPDownload


UMT EMMC SetupDownload
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UMT Support AccessDownload
UMT FRP Tool Download
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UMTPro GSM Tool Download

UltimateMTK v0.1
The Ultimate Mediatek Tool

Whats New:
– This is new module, replacing old MTK module
– No more boot related issue or complications
– Easy to use clean and organized interface
– Completely customizable options to use own DA/PL etc.
– More useful functions are on the way

Supported CPU:
– MT2601
– MT6261
– MT6572
– MT6580
– MT6582
– MT6592
– MT6595
– MT6735
– MT6737
– MT6739
– MT6753
– MT6755
– MT6757
– MT6758
– MT6761
– MT6763
– MT6765
– MT6768
– MT6771
– MT6779
– MT6781
– MT6785
– MT6795
– MT6797
– MT6799
– MT6833
– MT6853
– MT6873
– MT6877
– MT6885
– MT6893
– MT8127
– MT8163
– MT8167
– MT8173
– MT8512
– MT8590
– MT8695

Read Info in BROM/Preloader Mode

Scatter Flashing Support
– Both BROM and Preloader Mode are supported
– Customizable Flashing Support
– Super Image Config Selection for Oppo/Realme Firmware

Oppo OFP Format Flashing Support
– Direct Flashing of OFP Firmware
– Customizable Flashing Support
– Super Image Config Selection for Oppo/Realme Firmware

META Reset Functions
– Factory Reset
– Format eMMC
– Format UFS

Bootloader Functions
– Unlock Bootloader
– Relock Bootloader
– Unlock Permanent (Redmi 6A/9A etc)

Format FS
– Format FS (Safe)
– Erase Userdata
– Reset FRP

– Read RPMB
– Write RPMB
– Format RPMB

Security Functions:

Backup Security
– Backup critical partition in zip format

Backup NVRAM
– Backup only NVRAM in zip format

– Backup only NVDATA in zip format

Format NVRAM
– Format NVRAM partition

– Format NVDATA partition

Restore Backup
– Restore all type of backup in zip format

Reset Oppo ID

Reset Huawei ID

Reset Mi Account

Mi Relock Fix
– Use this function if phone get locked after connecting to internet
– Bootloader should be unlocked first

Vivo Security Repair
– Repair IMEI/MEID/Serial
– Support Vivo phones with erased RPMB also

UMTv2 / UMT Pro
UltimateMTK v4.3


MTK One Click

  • No need to select any model.
  • No need to select any DA/preloader.
  • Simply tick required options and execute.
    Added SLA/DAA Bypass for:
  • MT6753
  • MT6795
  • MT6797
    Added More Options to MTK One Click
  • Format FS
  • Erase FS
  • Safe Format
  • Reset Locks (Vivo)
  • Reset Locks (Oppo)
  • Format Cache
    Added Patch Modem / NV Format (Redmi 6/6A)
  • Use this option to Repair Dual SIM on both phones
  • Patch and Format NVRAM in single click without flashing any eng firmware
  • After this function you need to Repair both IMEI using META Method (New)
  • If you encounter NV DATA CORRUPTED issue, please do this hardware modification

Updated One Click FRP Reset to support Samsung Devices

Added Format Cache Function

  • This option is specially useful for Oppo Phones stuck in Recovery Mode after Safe Reset

Improved MTK One Click Functions

  • Now selecting multiple operations at once should work fine

Added Mi Account Patch (Beta)

  • This is for test, may work or may not work at all

Improved Oppo Unlock (Beta)

  • To test, first Unlock in BROM, and then repeat in META

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